Eloquence Forms Manual

Table of Contents

Legal Notices
Printing History
Table of Contents
1 - Introduction
Forms Introduction
2 - Creating Forms
Display Enhancements
Create Form
Creating a Form from an Existing Form
Changing the Default Enhancements
Input and Output Fields
In-/Output Order
Hints on Order Numbers
Layout Functions
Store the Form
Summary of CFORM
3 - Modifying Forms
4 - Interaction between Programs and Forms
Form Link Information
Input and Output Field Pointers
Input and Output to the Form
The INPUT Statement
The ENTER Statement
The DISPLAY and PRINT Statements
The LINE DISPLAY Statement
The LINE ENTER Statement
The LINE INPUT Statement
5 - Controlling Forms
The GET FORM Statement
The CLEAR FORM Statement
The CURSOR Statement
TFNUM Function
The EXIT FORM Statement
The DELETE FORM Statement
The LOAD FORM Statement
Error Messages
The STORE FORM Statement
Error Messages
Example Program
6 - Printing Forms
Multiple Forms
Printer Selection
Display Enhancements and Fill Characters
Version Selection
Printing Forms
A - Error Messages
CFORM and MFORM Error Messages
PFORM Error Messages
Program Error Messages

Eloquence Forms Manual - 19 DEC 2002