Eloquence Forms Manual

2 Creating Forms

To create a form, use the Create Form (CFORM) program. Start Eloquence and type the following:

RUN"CFORM[,volume label]" RETURN
After you execute the RUN command, the display shows you the definition of each of the softkeys on the display and shows a short explanation of each one. This is called the initial CREATE FORM menu.

NOTE: For the CREATE FORM menu to appear, a VOLUME statement pointing to the directory /opt/eloquence/share/prog must be included in the global configuration file eloq.config. The sample global configuration file d.eloq.config contains such a statement (VOLUME SYSTEM :Z2,7,0 /opt/eloquence/share/prog).

Initially the softkeys are defined as follows:

INPUT ENHNCMNTS -- The input enhancements softkey. When an area (or field) is to be used exclusively for input, you can set 1) the fill character for that field [a fill character is the character that is repeated in the field during the creation of the form] and 2) the way in which the character is displayed [inverse video, underline, etc.].

OUTPUT ENHNCMNTS -- The output enhancements softkey. A field can be defined exclusively for output. This field can be visually enhanced in the same manner as an input field.

IN/OUT ENHNCMNTS -- The input and output enhancement softkey. A field can also be defined to accept both input and output. This field can be visually enhanced in the same manner as an input or an output field.

CREATE FROM FORM -- Allows you to specify a form that already exists to be used as a basis for creating a new form. When this key is pressed, a new menu is displayed. See the sub-section titled page 17 .

CREATE NEW FORM -- Clears the display so you can create a new form. A new menu is displayed.

EXIT PROGRAM -- Terminates the program.

Chapter contents:

Display Enhancements
Create Form
Store the Form
Summary of CFORM

Eloquence Forms Manual - 19 DEC 2002