Eloquence Forms Manual

3 Modifying Forms

The Modify form (MFORM) program allows you to modify a form without destroying the program-link information (the number and length of the fields and the order in which they are accessed by the program). The program-link information cannot be changed with MFORM because any changes in the form would require similar changes in every program that uses the form.

To run the MFORM program, start Eloquence and type the following:

NOTE: For the MODIFY FORM menu to appear, a VOLUME statement pointing to the directory /opt/eloquence/share/prog must be included in the global configuration file eloq.config. The sample global configuration file d.eloq.config contains such a statement (VOLUME SYSTEM :Z2,7,0 /opt/eloquence/share/prog).

The current display enhancements (inverse video, half bright, underline) for input, output and input/output fields are shown along with the definitions of the softkeys:

The default field enhancements can be changed by pressing one of the softkeys marked ENHNCMNTS.

If the INPUT ENHNCMNTS softkey is pressed, the following menu is displayed:

Each softkey has the same definition and use as in the CFORM program:

SET FILL CHARACTER -- Allows you to change the character which appears in the field while MFORM is running. This character becomes a blank when the form is stored.

INVERSE VIDEO, BLINKING, UNDERLINE and HALF BRGHT -- Toggle on and off. They set the default display enhancement. Note, however, that each field does not have to use the default enhancement. The enhancements on an individual field can be changed when the rest of the form image is changed.

When MODIFY FORM is pressed on the initial MFORM menu, you are asked for the name of the form to be modified. The form will be displayed and the keys take on a new definition.

MOVE FIELD -- Moves the input or output fields to new locations. However, an input/output field is moved as a whole. That is, the input or output portion of the field cannot be moved separately.

TAB ORDER -- Sets the order the cursor moves. The order is set in the same manner as with CFORM.

Note that there is no key which allows you to create or delete fields or to change the order of input from or output to fields. If you want to change these properties, use the Create Form (CFORM) program.

LAYOUT FUNCTION -- Used along with the keyboard to change the image of the form (refer to page 23 ).

STORE FORM -- Stores the modified form. The old file is purged and the new form is stored with the same name as the old form. If the file is protected, you cannot overwrite it. If the file cannot be found, you are asked for a new file name.

Once the form is stored, the new menu is:

To terminate the MFORM program, press the EXIT softkey.

To modify another form, press the RUN AGAIN softkey.

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