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  Document revision: 2017-08-29
Refers to JDLG version: 1.7.6

JDLG is a cross-platform graphical user interface for Eloquence DLG, implemented in Java. It requires an installed Java Runtime Environment, which is available on almost all platforms.

JDLG 1.7 requires Oracle(TM) Java version 1.5 or newer. JDLG versions before 1.7.0 require Oracle(TM) Java version 1.4.2 or newer.

The Java Webstart feature may be used to easily deploy JDLG from a central system on the network, eliminating complex installation or update procedures.

Eloquence applications may be conveniently started from an application list on the JDLG console window.

JDLG is backward compatible to Eloquence ASCII DLG but provides new functionality such as an extended set of object classes and attributes as well as the ability to integrate Web content and to interface with a Web browser.

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The JDLG plugin interface allows to extend JDLG with customized user interface elements. The current JDLG plugin API version 1.2 is supported since JDLG version 1.6.7.

The JDLG plugin build environment, along with documentation and ready-to-use examples, is available for download at: eloquence.marxmeier.com/download/jdlg/plugin

The JDLG API documentation (Java) of the plugin interface is located at: eloquence.marxmeier.com/doc/jdlg/plugin/api

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