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Eloquence Support

  This page provides support related information on Eloquence.

Eloquence is supported by Marxmeier Software AG.
These web pages are intended an enhancement to the Eloquence support, to keep you current and provide solutions to known problems.

Operating System Compatibility
Information on release dates, planned or actual end of support dates, and operating system requirements for currently supported Eloquence versions and older versions.

Eloquence Support Database / FAQ
The Eloquence Support Database contains documents that provide solutions to common issue problems and additional background information.

Eloquence B.08.40 (beta test)
Support pages related to Eloquence B.08.40.

Eloquence B.08.30
Support pages related to Eloquence B.08.30.

Eloquence B.08.20
Support pages related to Eloquence B.08.20.

Eloquence B.08.10
Support pages related to Eloquence B.08.10.

Eloquence B.08.00
Support pages related to Eloquence B.08.00.

Eloquence B.07.10
Support pages related to Eloquence B.07.10.

Eloquence B.07.00
Support pages related to Eloquence B.07.00.

Eloquence B.06.32
Support pages related to Eloquence B.06.32.

Eloquence A.06.00
Support pages related to Eloquence A.06.xx.

Eloquence A.05.20 and before
Support pages related to Eloquence A.05.20 and before.

Eloquence Forum
The Eloquence Forum provides a new communication option for the Eloquence community. It is used to announce new updates or patches, for example. By subscribing to the announcements section, an email notification is automatically sent on new postings. An RSS feed is also available. Besides announcements, the forum also enables discussions among the Eloquence community members, sharing knowledge and ideas and to benefit from each other's experience.

Eloquence Mailing List.
The Eloquence Mailing List is intended to support Eloquence programmers and users in their daily work. It is a place to share knowledge and ideas among the Eloquence community and the Eloquence team. An archive of previous messages is available.

Eloquence License Key
How to request, upgrade or transfer your Eloquence license key.

Submit Feedback
If you detect a bug or something that does not work as documented please take the time to submit a bug report. Since we can only fix problems we know about, bug reports help us to improve the product.
Please be aware: Submitting feedback is not intended for individual support. If you need assistance, please open a support call.

Eloquence Training
The Eloquence training provided by Marxmeier Software.

Misc Documents
An unsorted collection of Eloquence related documents.

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