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JDLG object and attribute reference:
ToolBar class

  Document revision: 2023-02-22
Refers to JDLG version: 2.0.16


A Dialog may contain one or multiple ToolBars. Each ToolBar is displayed at the specified position (top, bottom, left or right). Multiple ToolBars having the same position are displayed from inside out in the order they appear in the Dialog.

The following object classes are possible child objects of a ToolBar:


In addition, the Separator class may be used to arrange the ToolBar child objects (see below).


  • The ToolBar child objects are automatically positioned in the order they appear. The child object position attributes are ignored.

  • ToolBar child objects are not focusable and consequently not part of the Dialog tab order.

class : string, get
Returns "ToolBar".
position : string, get/set
Specifies the position of the ToolBar in the Dialog.

Possible values are:
 "top" (immediately below the MenuBar)

The default value is "top".

The Separator class may be used to organize ToolBar child objects into visual groups. A Separator is always a direct child object of a ToolBar.

By default, a Separator creates extra space of one raster unit. If the ToolBar position is "top" or "bottom", the common w attribute defines the Separator size, otherwise the common h attribute defines the Separator size.

class : string, get
Returns "Separator".

In this example, a Dialog contains a ToolBar at its default top position. The ToolBar contains a number of PushButton child objects, visually organized into two groups.

Dialog example

   ToolBar tb
      PushButton customers
         .text = "Customers"
         .rule = 2141

      PushButton orders
         .text = "Orders"
         .rule = 2142

      Separator sep

      PushButton deposit
         .text = "Deposit"
         .rule = 2151

      PushButton withdrawal
         .text = "Withdrawal"
         .rule = 2152

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