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CheckBox class

  Document revision: 2023-02-22
Refers to JDLG version: 2.0.16


The CheckBox class implements a clickable button which maintains an active / inactive (checked / not checked) state.

active : integer, get/set
Zero (default): The CheckBox is inactive (not checked).
Nonzero: The CheckBox is active (checked).
class : string, get
Returns "CheckBox".
rule : integer, get/set
If nonzero, the rule value is returned to the program, along with the path of the CheckBox object (see also ruleoverride below), when the CheckBox is clicked or activated by an accelerator key.

The default rule value is zero.

See also the documentation of the common rule attribute.

ruleoverride : integer, get/set
If nonzero, the rule of a previously focused EditText or ComboBox object is overridden (the CheckBox rule value combined with the EditText or ComboBox path is returned).

The default ruleoverride value is zero.

For details, please refer to the RuleOverride documentation.

text : string, get/set
CheckBox text.

If an & character occurs in the text, the next character or digit is used to define a corresponding accelerator key. The CheckBox is then activated when pressing the ALT key along with this accelerator key.

traversecr : integer, get/set
Zero (default): Pressing the ENTER key toggles the CheckBox state (checked / not checked, see active above), as if the CheckBox was clicked.

Nonzero: Pressing the ENTER key moves the focus to the next focusable object.

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