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ProgressBar class

  Document revision: 2023-02-22
Refers to JDLG version: 2.0.16


The ProgressBar class supports horizontal or vertical progress bars using a determinate or indeterminate display mode.

Note: The progress bar color is defined by the common fgcolor attribute. The color of the label text is automatically chosen to be suitable for the progress bar foreground/background colors.

class : string, get
Returns "ProgressBar".
direction : integer, get/set
Alias for the orientation attribute (see below).
indeterminate : integer, get/set
Zero (default): The ProgressBar uses the value, min and max attributes to display a determinate value.

Nonzero: The ProgressBar uses an indeterminate display mode to indicate that the progress of an ongoing operation is unknown. The value, min and max attributes are ignored.

max : integer, get/set
Specifies the maximum value.
The default value is 100.
min : integer, get/set
Specifies the minimum value.
The default value is zero.
orientation : integer, get/set
Zero (default): The ProgressBar is horizontally oriented.
Nonzero: The ProgressBar is vertically oriented.
text : string, get/set
Specifies the ProgessBar label text.

If a %% character sequence occurs in the text, it is replaced by the progress percentage.

value : integer, get/set
Specifies the current value, which should be set between the min and max attribute values.

The default value is zero.

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