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JDLG object and attribute reference:
StaticText class

  Document revision: 2023-02-22
Refers to JDLG version: 2.0.16


A StaticText may be used as a label, implicitly associated with the next focusable object, or to display text that typically does not change while a Dialog is visible.

If used as a label, a StaticText may define an accelerator key to move the keyboard focus to the associated object.

align : string, get/set
Specifies how the text is horizontally aligned.

Possible values are:

The default value is "left".

class : string, get
Returns "StaticText".
text : string, get/set
The text to be displayed.

If an & character occurs in the text, the next character or digit is used to define a corresponding accelerator key. When the ALT key along with this accelerator key is pressed, the keyboard focus is moved to the next focusable object in the Dialog hierarchy.

textpos : string, get/set
Alias for the align attribute (provided for backward compatibility).

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