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B.08.40 / Release Notes

Eloquence B.08.40 Release Notes

  Welcome to the Eloquence B.08.40 beta test. Thank you for your interest in our upcoming products. We appreciate any feedback on this release, installation procedures and documentation.

Eloquence version B.08.40 is currently in public beta-test. The B.08.40-2405 test version was released in May 16 and updated on June 11, 2024.

Eloquence B.08.40 introduces some major improvements and updated technologies to make sure your application environment is ready to support new requirements.

User visible changes include

Eloquence database changes

Database cross platform binary compatibility. The Eloquence database was enhanced to support binary compatibility of database files across platforms. This allows to simply copy the volume files to between platforms to move data and also supports replication across platforms boundaries.

The new dbvolremove utility allows removing unused database volume files.

The eqdbobj Database Binary Objects support library was added to Eloquence. The eqdbobj library adds support for binary objects (blob) to the Eloquence database. Objects are maintained in the database in one or multiple chunks. The data is compressed as necessary.
An experimental version was previously available for B.08.30 on some platforms.

Eloquence WEBDLG2 user interface for Eloquence applications

Eloquence WEBDLG2 is an innovative browser based user interface for Eloquence applications. It makes Eloquence DLG applications available on any device with a web browser. It does not require any client side software installation and no or minimal application changes.
Eloquence WebDLG2 substantially improves application performance and security and is a critical element to run Eloquence applications in a cloud environment. Remote applications are expected to perform as well as local applications.

An initial version of WebDLG2 was made available for Eloquence B.08.30 to allow for early testing and gradual integration with applications. For detailed information on the current release, please refer to the Eloquence WEBDLG2 documentation.

The Eloquence B.08.40 version of WebDLG will add enhancements to improve applications on mobile devices, support application specific plugins and integration into web applications.

Eloquence license server

The Eloquence license server may be used to distribute licenses in a network environment. It enables the option of "floating" licenses that are not host specific. This is useful in flexible environments where systems may change roles or are only assigned temporarily, such as a cloud or container based environments.

Eloquence license tool

The eqlictool utility provides a convenient option to request and install a licence in an automatic way.

Installation and Upgrade

Please refer to the Eloquence B.08.40 installation documents below for an overview of Eloquence installation and platform specific details, as well as information on updated License Keys.

For the Linux platform a yum repository for RHEL and SLES systems and a deb repository make it easy to install and update Eloquence releases.


Eloquence B.08.40 is fully upwards compatible to Eloquence B.08.30.

When updating from Eloquence releases before B.08.30 please refer to the compatibility notes in the B.08.30 release notes for details.

As of Eloquence B.08.40 a new license key format is used that is not backwards compatible with previous versions. The new format is used with the eloqld license server as well as the traditional license file.

The Windows version of B.08.40 does not include the previous eloqide. It will be replaced with a new version that is not yet available. It will be released as an update or distributed separately (Windows and Linux). As a workaround the previous B.08.30 ide may be used.

On HP-UX 11.31 for IA64 hardware, B.08.40 no longer includes any PA-RISC libraries for use with the Aries emulation. Please let us know if you require the Eloquence PA-RISC libraries on Itanium.

B.08.40 updates

The B.08.40 changes document lists changes included in updated B.08.40 releases.


Eloquence B.08.40 includes or makes use of several third party and open source projects. Details can be found in the following document:

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