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Eloquence Support - B.08.40

  Eloquence version B.08.40 is currently in a beta test stage.

The B.08.40 (beta) release notes documentation has information on the current test release.

A summary of expected B.08.40 user visible changes.

Database cross platform binary compatibility

This version introduces binary compatibility between different platforms, for example from HP-UX to Linux.
This allows to simply copy the volume files to the target platform to move data and then also supports replication across platforms boundaries. This should allow to move functionality between platforms gradually and with little effort. As Eloquence 8.4 is compatible with previous Eloquence versions and no update is necessary for the source system.

Complete. Available as of the B.08.40-2311 test version.

New web based user interface with WebDLG2

A new high performance browser based user interface for Eloquence applications was developed. This user interface does not require client side software installation and substantially improves performance on wide area connections. Remote applications are expected to perform similarly to applications running locally.

We expect this to become the default graphical user interface. Further enhancements will add mobile application support and integration into third party web applications.

Complete. Available as of the B.08.40-2311 test version and also released for B.08.30 to allow for easier integration.

License key format and new license server option

As of Eloquence B.08.40 a new license key format is used that is not backwards compatible with previous versions. A license server may be used instead of a system specific license key.

Initial version available as of the B.08.40-2402 test version.

New development environment

Eloquence B.08.40 will replace the previous Windows based IDE. It will be available for Windows and Linux.

Not yet available.

WebDLG2 enhancements

Improved B.08.40 WebDLG2 functionality to allow for customize appearance of applications using CSS (example and documentation) and improved user experience on touch based devices with varying screen sizes.

Not yet available.

Please refer to the Eloquence road map for a list of considered enhancements.

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