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Eloquence A.06.30 Release Notes

  A.06.30 Release Notes
The following enhancements are implemented with the A.06.30 release:
  • Windows 2000 compatibility
    Eloquence A.06.30 has been enhanced to support Windows 2000. The installation program now uses the new Microsoft Installer engine on all Windows versions.

  • Enhanced numeric precision with REAL numbers
    Precision of REAL numbers has been enhanced from 12 to 14 digits.
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  • Virtual terminal capabilities added for the Linux platform
    The eloq program which provides virtual terminals (forground/ background tasks) has been ported to the Linux platform.

  • Modified lock handling during transactions
    When using database locks and transactions an unlock is now delayed until the database transaction is finished (either committed or rolled back). This makes it easier to adopt database transactions with existing software and avoids possible interactions between transactions and database locks by applications which may result in a deadlock.
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  • Preliminary support for Eastern European Windows versions
    On the 32bit Windows platform, Eloquence A.06.30 includes limited support to be used with Eastern European Windows versions.
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  • Support for additional terminal types (Linux/HP-UX)
    Terminal adaptions included with Eloquence A.06.30 have been enhanced and support for the xterm terminal type has been added.
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  • User names are displayed in eloqdb6 status
    The operating system user names are included in both the http status display and the dbctl output. Previous Eloquence versions only provided the name of the eloqdb6 login.

  • eloqcore -nb commandline option
    The -nb or -quiet command line option to eloqcore can be used

  • Fixed problems
  • Known problems

Installation notes:

Please note: Installation of patches for Eloquence A.06.30 is mandantory.
Please check the Eloquence web site for recent patches.

Eloquence support:

Please report any comments, suggestions or problems to the Eloquence Team (send an email message to feedback@marxmeier.com or use our Feedback Form on the Eloquence web site.)

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