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HP-UX Platform Installation Notes

  A.06.30 Release Notes
Eloquence A.06.30 requires new license keys. The default license file includes a new license key for the Eloquence Personal Edition. Please request a new permanent license key using the form included with the delivery or refer to the Eloquence web site at URL http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/license.

During installation, you have the option to create a temporary license key which is valid for four weeks.

Eloquence can only be installed and run on HP-UX Operating System Release 10.01 or later. Eloquence A.06.30 is installed in the /opt/eloquence6 directory and will not affect a previous Eloquence A.05.xx revision.

Future versions of Eloquence are likely to no longer support HP-UX versions before HP-UX 10.20. We recommend to update your system to HP-UX release 10.20 or 11.0.

The following patches are required to use Eloquence on HP-UX 10.x. These patches are included on the Eloquence media (in the hpux subdirectory). In addition to the patches mentioned below it is strongly recommended to install the current HP-UX patch set.

Patch PHCO_10947
For HP-UX 10.20 installation of patch PHCO_10947 is required. Please refer to the patch documentation PHCO_10947.text for more information.
The patch is available for download at ftp://ftp.marxmeier.com/eloq/A0630/hpux/PHCO_10947 or ftp://europe-ffs.external.hp.com/hp-ux_patches/s700_800/10.X/PHCO_10947

Patch PHCO_10950
For HP-UX 10.10 installation of patch PHCO_10950 is required. Please refer to the patch documentation PHCO_10950.text for more information.
The patch is available for download at ftp://ftp.marxmeier.com/eloq/A0630/hpux/PHCO_10950 or ftp://europe-ffs.external.hp.com/hp-ux_patches/s700_800/10.X/PHCO_10950

Updating from a previous Eloquence version

When updating from a previous Eloquence A.06.xx release the following actions should be performed in additon to updating the software.

License key

If you are using the commercial Eloquence version, please request your new A.06.30 license key before updating Eloquence. As an alternative you have the option to install a temporary license key during installation which is valid for a period of four weeks. The new license key can be requested by either submitting the form enclosed with your software update or on-line at the Eloquence web site: http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/license.

Please comment out the previous license key when adding the new A.06.30 license key to your license file /etc/opt/eloquence6/license. Otherwise the new license may not be recognized and chklic might output the following messages:

  A.06.20: Bad license key revision.
  Duplicate sequence number: Ignoring license

Eloquence Personal Edition

With the Eloquence Personal Edition, please copy the A.06.30 license file template to /etc/opt/eloquence6/license. The new license file includes an updated license key for the Eloquence Personal Edition.
cp /opt/eloquence6/newconfig/config/license /etc/opt/eloquence6/license

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