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Enhanced numeric precision with REAL numbers

  A.06.30 Release Notes
Precision of REAL numbers has been enhanced from 12 to 14 digits. To maintain full backwards compatibility numbers are rounded to 12 digits when written to a DATA file and program constants are limited to 12 digits.

Eloquence internally uses decimal arithmetic, calculations are performed with 16-18 digits precision. Results are rounded to 14 digits for REAL variables and 6 digits for SHORT variables. With previous Eloquence versions REAL variables were rounded to 12 digits.

Inside the database, REAL and SHORT values are converted to IEEE floating point values (double and float format). For blocked DATA files (DATA files with a record length) Eloquence uses the proprietary BCD format used by the HP260 which is required for backwards compatibility. For sequential DATA files the IEEE floating point format (double) is used.

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