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Eloquence Support Resources

  Release Notes
The Eloquence web site provides complete information on the Eloquence product including upcoming events, patches and support information. Patches and product updates can be downloaded from the Eloquence FTP server.

Eloquence support is available for free through the Internet for a 60 days period. This requires prior registration on the Eloquence web site. Free support is done on a best efford basis with no guaranteed reponse time. To register for free support, please fill out the Support Registration Form on the Eloquence web site.

We are interested to hear from you. We consider your feedback as a valuable source how we can improve. In case you would like to share a comment or suggestion or if find something that's misleading or not working correctly, please take the time to submit your feedback using our Feedback Form. or send an email message to the Eloquence Team.

Mailing List

The Eloquence Mailing List was formed to support Eloquence programmers and users in their daily work. It is intended as an enhancement to the Eloquence support channel. Eloquence support is responsible for helping you in case of trouble and to solve your immediate problem. This mailing list is intended to share knowledge and ideas with other Eloquence users.

So if you have a question like "How could I ..." or "Why doesn't this work ..." this list is the place to ask. Other welcome topics include the dicussion about Eloquence features and how you would like Eloquence to evolve in the future.

Professional support

Eloquence on HP-UX and Windows NT platforms is supported through local HP Support Organizations. All customers with an active support contract for the current version of Eloquence have access to technical support and the latest product versions. New Eloquence customers can purchase support options for this product from the local Hewlett-Packard Response Centers.

Please refer to the Eloquence support options document for more information how to purchase a Eloquence support contract. Please note, that support for Eloquence on a LINUX platform is not available from Hewlett-Packard.

Support for Eloquence on the Linux platform is available from Marxmeier Software AG. Please send an email message to info@marxmeier.com for more information.

The following support options are available:

  • Product update
    The right to use new releases ("license to use"). This does not include telephone support.
  • Call contract
    The right to call technical support engineers. Requires "License to use".
  • Open a call on a per-incident basis.
A Eloquence support contract provides the following benefits:
  • Support requests from customers with support contracts are handled priorized with a guaranteed response time (based on the priority as specified by the customer).
  • Technical support engineers at your local HP Response Center.
  • Phone support
  • Regular product updates
In addition to purchase a support contract, you can also open a call at your local HP Response Center on a per-incidence basis (Consulting Call):
  • Guaranteed call back within 24 hours.
  • Technical support engineers at your local HP Response Center.
In addition you can request services offered by Marxmeier Software AG:
  • Eloquence support (including Linux platform)
  • Training and Consulting
  • English/German language only.

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