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Starting Eloquence Programs from your Windows desktop

  A.06.00 Release Notes
The following documents are available:

The Eloquence eloqd server has been renamed to eloqsd. This has been done to improve the interoperability of the A.06.00 release with for Eloquence releases on the same system. In addition to the server, the new eloqsd server. uses different configuration files (eloqsd.cfg, eloqsd.user and eloqsd.share). The default TCP service name has been renamed to eloqsd.

The new EqStart utility makes starting your Eloquence applications as easy as a mouse click regardless if your application runs on the local or on a remote system.

  • Start your application with a single mouse click or from the Windows Start menu.

  • It executes your program on your local machine as well as on any remote system which has the eloqsd server installed and running.

  • Even if your programs are located on a remote system, you do not need any special remote-access utilities, such as a terminal emulator.

  • In order to make it easy to track down problems, EqStart has a built-in output window that can be used to capture your program trace messages at runtime.

  • EqStart integrates transparently into the 32bit Windows environment.
For more information please refer to the The EqStart Utility documentation.

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