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Eloquence Dialog Server Link Kit

  Release Notes
The Eloquence Dialog Server Link Kit is now available for the 32bit Windows environment (Windows 95 and NT). This makes it possible to integrate your own extensions with the 32bit Network Dialog Server.

How to install Dialog Server Link Kit

The Network Dialog Developer's Kit is installed with the Eloquence A.06.10 Setup program when the Eloquence Development Tools installation category is checked.

The Developer's Kit files are installed below the installation base directory. This is usually C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\HP Eloquence.

Project- and Makefiledlgsrv32.dev
Include filesdlgsrv32.dev/h
C source filesdlgsrv32.dev/src
Library, object and resource filesdlgsrv32.dev/lib

The project- and makefile have been verified with Microsoft Visual C++ 4.x and should be compatible with VC++ 5.

Please Note: In order to successfully compile and link the files contained in the Link Kit, the 32 bit version of the ISA Dialog Manager is required. Please check your VC++ Tool Options if the IDM directories have been configured (Tools / Options / Directories / Include Files, Library Files). We recommend the ISA Dialog Manager release A.03.06.c. This release has been used to build the current version of the Dialog Server. Please contact ISA GmbH, Germany for further information.

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