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Eloquence Language Enhancements

  A.06.00 Release Notes
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The DATE$ and TIME$ functions have been enhanced. When used without an argument, they return the configured default date/time format. In addition, you can now specify an arbitrary format.

For example:

    DATE$("%Y-%m-%d %H:%M")
    returns 1997-01-14 14:37.
See date(1) and strftime(3) for more information on date/time formats.

STORE, RE-STORE and LOAD statements

The STORE, RE-STORE and LOAD statements have been enhanced to take care of the new Eloquence A.06.00 program format.

The new syntax is:

   STORE "FileName"    [,"ProtectCode"] [;"Option"]
   RE-STORE "FileName" [,"ProtectCode"] [;"Option"]
   LOAD "FileName"     [,"ProtectCode"]

The optional protect code must be specified in order to edit a protected program file or to save a program with password protection.
When you load a protected program without the correct password, you will neither be able to edit the program, nor will you be able to store the program. If you give the wrong password, an error message is returned by the LOAD statement.
When you specify a ProtectCode for the STORE and RE-STORE statements, the program will be stored protected.
Since program protection is not prossible with program formats before Eloquence A.06.00, this will use the new A.06.00 program format.

the Option argument contains either the desired program format or a comma separated list of program file options.

Program compatibility option
This option simply specifies the Eloquence revision, the program format should be compatible to.

For example:

   STORE "PrgName";"A.05.01"
Program options
Alternatively, you can specify a comma separated list of options and settings which should be used to store the program file. The folling options are currently supported:
optionpossible valuesComment
revA.xx.xxEloquence revision
fmtHP260Compatible format
EXTA.05.01 program format
TAGA.06.00 program format
In addition the values 0,1,2 can be given
   STORE "PrgName";"rev=A.05.01"
   STORE "PrgName";"fmt=TAG"
   STORE "PrgName";"fmt=2"

Error Messages
62 - File is protected or wrong protect code specified
66 - You are not authorized to store this program

PAGE LENGTH statement

The PAGE LENGTH statement provides an additional option. The new syntax is:
   PAGE LENGTH Lines [,Top[,Botm]][;Option]
When option is nonzero, a formfeed character (CHR$(12)) is printed to eject the page instead of counting line feed characters. This will use the configured printer page length to determine form length.

Improved IMAGE format handling

When the enviroment variable EQ_USE_NLS is defined, the Eloquence IMAGE format handling is performed slightly different. When activated, the "R" and "P" formats no longer return a hard-coded decimal point or comma but use the values provided by the locale environment (LC_NUMERIC). This makes it possible to use the same set of IMAGE formats for a multi-locale program.

For example:

  PRINT USING "3DP3DR2D";1234.5
When EQ_USE_NLS is not set, this returns " 1.234,50". When activated, using the de_DE locale, this results in " 1.234,50", using the en_US locale this results in " 1,234.50".

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