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What's new with A.06.00

  A.06.00 Release Notes
This documents summarizes the important changes for Eloquence A.06.00.
New platforms
Eloquence A.06.00 is available for the following platforms:
  • HP-UX 10.x and HP-UX 9.x
  • Linux 2.x
  • Windows NT 4.0
  • Windows 95 (no server components)
  • Windows 3.1x (only GUI components and database library)

Eloquence web site
Eloquence is present on the Internet. The Eloquence web site can be reached at the URL http://eloquence.marxmeier.com and provides current information on HP Elquence including upcoming events, product information, technical information and patches.

New product options
Eloquence supports user based licensing. It is now available at reduced costs for smaller configurations making it even more competitive. In addition, Eloquence runtime can now installed freely on any number of systems (even on different platforms) - only servers need to be licensed. The Eloquence runtime-only product is no longer available - the development tools are always included. Please refer to the HP Elquence web site for more information.

Eloquence on CD-ROM
The CD-ROM media includes the executables for all platforms in addition to complete online documentation and supplementary software. DDS tape is still available for HP-UX systems and provides a HP-UX subset of the Eloquence product.

Online documentation
The complete Eloquence documentation is included in HTML, PDF and Postscript format.

Graphical development environment
Eloquence comes with a new graphical development environment for the Windows platform which includes support form program development and debugging on remote systems.

New database Eloquence includes a new database.
  • The new database is transparent to existing Eloquence programs.
  • Improved database security. This includes both, access control and protection against corruption due to failures.
  • Better performance for large databases.
  • Transaction logging and recovery

Eloquence Language enhancements

User defined data types
The Eloquence supports user defined data types.

Source code protection
Eloquence A.06.00 supports an additional program format which supports source code protection.

New database statements

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