Eloquence Query Manual

Table of Contents

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Table of Contents
1 - Introduction to Query
Introduction to Database Management
Data Item
Data Entry
Data Set
Types of Data Sets
Database Schema
2 - Getting Started
Running Query
Specifying a Database
Specifying a Password
Communicating With Query
Using Softkeys
Changing Databases
Changing Passwords
Database Information
Prewritten Procedures
3 - Creating Reports
Finding Entries
Specifying a Workfile
Finding Entries in One Data Set
Item List
Search Expression
Using the FIND Softkey
Finding Entries in Multiple Data Sets
Threading Data Sets
The FIND Command with Threaded Data Sets
Listing the Workfile
Specifying the Output Device
Listing Data Items in Columnar Format
Listing Data Items in a Linear Format
Formatting the Listing
Sorting Data Items
Computing with Numeric Data Items
Breaking a Listing into Groups
Creating Subtotals within a List
Running a Report Program
4 - Modifying the Database
Adding Entries
Using Forms to Add Entries
Replacing Entries
Deleting Entries
Deleting Key Items
5 - How to Create Files
Creating a DO File
Creating a REPORT Subprogram
Creating a Form
Creating a Workfile
6 - Control Number
Control Number
7 - Date Conversion
Date Conversion
Alternate Date Conversion
A - Syntax
B - Error Messages
C - Math Operations

Eloquence Query Manual - 19 DEC 2002