Eloquence Query Manual

1 Introduction to Query

The Query software provides a simple method of accessing an Eloquence database without programming effort. You may use Query to do the following:

NOTE: In order to use Query, a VOLUME statement pointing to the directory /opt/eloquence/share/prog must be included in the global configuration file eloq.config. The sample global configuration file d.eloq.config contains such a statement (VOLUME SYSTEM :Z2,7,0 /opt/eloquence/share/prog).

NOTE: Query requires a character I/O interface and so it is not supported on the NT platform. This manual describes operation of the Query software for the most recent version of Eloquence. (At this edition of the Eloquence Query Manual, A.06.00 is the most recent version.)

Chapter contents:

Introduction to Database Management
Database Schema

Eloquence Query Manual - 19 DEC 2002