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B.08.30 / Release Notes

Eloquence B.08.30 Release Notes

  Eloquence B.08.30 delivers improved efficiency and scalability while updating technologies.

Major changes include:

Installation and Upgrade

Please refer to the Eloquence B.08.30 installation documents below for an overview of Eloquence installation and platform specific details, as well as information on updated License Keys.

The Eloquence B.08.30 release is available for download from the Eloquence web site.
For the Linux platform the new yum repository and deb repository make it easy to install and update Eloquence releases.

The JDLG 2.0 was released in December 2018 and is available for download separately.


Eloquence B.08.30 is fully upwards compatible to previous Eloquence versions.

A database created with B.08.30 should not be used with previous Eloquence releases if new functionality is used. However, it is supported to move databases to older releases when no new functionality is used, subject to some limitations

Restructuring a database with FTS indexes or (re-) creating FTS indexes with B.08.30 enables an enhancement for FTS keywords with a large number of references. This is currently not supported by previous Eloquence releases and requires rebuilding any FTS indexes when moving a previous release.

The Eloquence B.08.30 database server uses a different new hashing scheme to secure database passwords. This is not supported by previous Eloquence releases and these passwords must be reset when moving a previous release. As a consequence Eloquence versions before B.08.30 are no longer able to authenticate passwords with the B.08.30 database server if the new password encoding is used. Compatibility is not affected if a database account does not use a password or uses the old password encoding scheme.

B.08.30 updates

The most recent B.08.30 update is B0830.2211-23 released on November 22, 2022. It includes any patches up to PE83-2211240 (2022-11-24).

The B.08.30 change document lists changes included in updated B.08.30 releases.

As changes or fixes are incorporated the B.08.30 release may be updated to include any relevant patches, problem fixes and enhancements. Patches are preferably limited to important problem fixes.


Eloquence B.08.30 includes or makes use of several third party and open source projects. Details can be found in the following document:

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