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B.08.30 / Release Notes / Installation

Installation on HP-UX

  This document contains installation instructions specific to the HP-UX platform.

Please refer to the "Installation" section in the Eloquence B.08.30 Release Notes for information that is not HP-UX specific, such as licensing, configuration files and manual procedures when upgrading from prior Eloquence versions.

Supported HP-UX releases

Eloquence is available for the Itanium (Integrity) and PA-RISC (HP9000) architecture:
  • HP Integrity systems (Itanium): HP-UX 11iv2 (11.23) or later is required.
  • HP 9000 systems (PA-RISC 64 bit): HP-UX 11iv1 (11.11) or later is required.
PA-RISC 1.1 based systems (32 bit) are not supported with B.08.30.

HP-UX patches

The following HP-UX patches (or superseding) are known to resolve issues affecting the Eloquence product. In addition to the patches mentioned below, additional patches may be required as well. We recommend to install the current HP-UX patch bundle.

HP-UX 11iv3 (HP-UX 11.31)

  • PHCO_37116 - libxcurses cumulative patch
  • PHKL_42844 - AIO cumulative patch
  • PHCO_42837 - librt cumulative patch

We recommend to install the HP-UX 11.31 AioEnh option along with the patches PHKL_42844 and PHCO_42837 to allow for more efficient async disk i/o in eloqdb.

HP-UX 11iv2 (HP-UX 11.23)

  • PHCO_37940 - pthread library cumulative patch
  • PHNE_37670 - cumulative ARPA Transport patch
  • PHKL_37121 - ksleep kwakeup performance cumulative patch
  • PHCO_37859 - libxcurses cumulative patch
  • PHKL_32542 - swapcontext(), gethrtime()

HP-UX 11iv1 (HP-UX 11.11)

  • PHNE_37671 - cumulative ARPA Transport patch
  • PHCO_37858 - libxcurses cumulative patch
  • PHCO_35743 - libc cumulative patch (PHCO_23093 or newer)
  • PHKL_34926 - Buffer cache performance improvement
  • PHKL_34534 - vPar,callout, abstime, sync perf, wakeup
  • PHCO_33282 - pthread library cumulative patch
  • PHKL_30542 - eventport (/dev/poll) pseudo driver
  • PHKL_28489 - fixes erroneous EFAULT

If you are missing the HP-UX 11.11 kernel patch PHKL_30542 the database server process will not start.

System requirements

Eloquence requires disk space in the /etc, /opt and /var file systems as indicated below:
Integrity systems
Temporary disk space for unpacking the distribution file: 70 MB
File systems: /opt 60 MB, /etc 1 MB, /var 1 MB

HP9000 systems
Temporary disk space for unpacking the distribution file: 50 MB
File systems: /opt 40 MB, /etc 1 MB, /var 1 MB

Database cryptographic functions

Eloquence uses the OpenSSL product for cryptographic functions. To enable the updated password encryption scheme or use the database encryption, the HP OpenSSL software must be installed.

HP OpenSSL may be obtained from the HP Software Depot web site.

For HP-UX 11iv1 (HP-UX 11.11) it is recommended to install the KRNG kernel support for strong random numbers in addition. It is available from the HP Software Depot web site.


Eloquence is available as a depot package and is installed with the HP-UX swinstall utility.

Eloquence installation files available for download from the Eloquence web site are compressed with gzip and must be uncompressed before installation.

Different versions of the Eloquence software is available. Please choose the appropriate version which corresponds to your hardware:

This Eloquence depot file should be used for HP Integrity systems (Itanium platform). It installs both 32 bit and 64 bit components and also includes limited support for PA-RISC applications using the ARIES PA-RISC emulation. This build requires HP-UX 11.23 or later.

Eloquence depot file (PA-RISC 2.0). This is the default installation depot for PA-RISC based systems. It should work an almost all PA-RISC systems and supports both 32 and 64 bit applications. This build requires HP-UX 11.11 or later.

The asterisk (*) denotes the version of the installation archive. Higher numbers indicate a newer installation archive.

The following steps may be used to find out which Eloquence build to install. On the HP-UX command line please run the model command.

  $ model
  ia64 hp server rx2600

  $ model
  • If the model command output starts with "ia64" then this is an Itanium based Integrity system and the ia64 build should be installed.

  • If the model command output starts with "9000/800" then this is a PA-RISC HP9000 based system.

    Installing the depot file

    As "superuser" (root), follow the steps below to install the Eloquence software.
    1. Unpack the archive at a temporary location, such as /tmp or /var/tmp.
      /usr/contrib/bin/gzip -d Eloquence-B0830-*.depot.gz
      This uncompresses the depot file Eloquence-B0830-*.depot.gz to Eloquence-B0830-*.depot. The compressed archive file is deleted.

    2. Run "swinstall" by typing:
      /usr/sbin/swinstall -s /tmp/Eloquence-B0830-*.depot
      where /tmp/Eloquence-B0830-*.depot is the absolute path of the Eloquence-B0830-*.depot file.

    3. In the Software Selection Window, select/highlight the Eloquence product then choose the "Mark for Install" item from the Actions menu. The "Marked?" column will automatically be set to "Yes".

    4. Select the "Install (analysis...)" item from the Actions Menu. When the analysis is finished with no error, i.e. Status:Ready, choose OK.

    5. Choose Yes in the Confirmation window to begin the actual installation process. When the installation is completed, a dialog is displayed to notify you that the install task is completed. You may exit then.

    Automatic startup of Eloquence server processes during system boot is configured in the /etc/rc.config.d/eloquence83 configuration file.

    Uninstalling Eloquence B.08.30

    To uninstall Eloquence B.08.30 from your system, please make sure the software is not currently used. The following command may be used to shut down the Eloquence background processes.
    /sbin/init.d/eloq83 stop
    The software is removed using the HP-UX swremove utility. Please login as root and run swremove as below
    /usr/sbin/swremove Eloquence-B0830

    Please note that any changed files (typically customized configuration files) are not removed. If necessary they need to be removed manually.

    Eloquence B.08.30 is installed in the following directories:

    • /opt/eloquence/8.3
    • /etc/opt/eloquence/8.3
    • /var/opt/eloquence/8.3

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