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Support - A.06.00 and beyond

  The most recent Eloquence version is A.06.31 which has been released in July 2001. Please refer to the A.06.31 release notes for more information.
Information on Eloquence version A.05.20 and below is available in a separate document.

Eloquence A.06.31 is available for download at ftp://ftp.marxmeier.com/eloq/A0631/.

If you are using a Eloquence A.06.xx version before A.06.30, we recommend to update to A.06.31. If you are on A.06.30 we recommend to either update to A.06.31 or install the current patches.

If you have a Eloquence support contract (Software Update Subscription) you are entitled to a free update to A.06.31. Otherwise you need to purchase an Upgrade to upgrade your Eloquence installation.

Release Notes
The Eloquence release notes provide recent information on new functionality, changed behaviour, fixed and known problems.

Available patches.

Known Problems
Known Problems with Eloquence.

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