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Eloquence Support - B.07.00

  Eloquence version B.07.00 has been released in March 2003.

Release Notes
The Eloquence release notes provide recent information on new functionality, changed behavior, fixed and known problems.

Release Notes (B050531)
This document covers user visible changes through latest B.07.00 patches bundle.

Available patches against B.07.00.

Eloquence WEBDLG
Eloquence WEBDLG is an Eloquence component which enables dialog based Eloquence programs to use a web browser as a user interface.

Eloquence CGI
Eloquence CGI is an Eloquence component which enables using Eloquence based programs with the CGI interface of a web server.

Eloquence MPE/iX Client Library
The Eloquence MPE/iX Client Library provides access to remote Eloquence databases from MPE/iX. User programs that use the standard set of TurboIMAGE intrinsics can access remote Eloquence databases as if they were local to the HP 3000.

Eloquence MPE/iX Client Library 2
An updated version of the Eloquence MPE/iX Client Library that allows accessing both IMAGE and Eloquence databases.

Eloquence QUERY3K Utility
The Eloquence QUERY3K utility provides a QUERY/iX compatible replacement for use with the Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility option.

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