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Eloquence Training

  This page provides information about Eloquence Training performed by Marxmeier Software. All trainings are in English or German at our site in Wuppertal, Germany or at a customer site.

If you have any special need for a training not mentioned here or would like us to provide training at your location, please contact us at info@marxmeier.com.

Training Materials

The following materials are used in our 2-3 days hands-on classroom training with focus on Eloquence database server configuration and administration (and optional parts on HP 3000 TurboIMAGE migration):

Eloquence 7.10

Eloquence 8.0

While the main benefit of the training session is the combination of classroom presentation and coached hands-on labs, the handout materials might also be useful for selfpaced education to a certain degree. This is why we are sharing them here.

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