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B.08.20 / Release Notes

Eloquence B.08.20 Release Notes



The Eloquence B.08.20 release improves on the Eloquence B.08.00 and B.08.10 releases and supports the same 32-bit and 64-bit platforms and architectures. It is installed in a separate location and may be used concurrently with previous Eloquence versions.

Eloquence B.08.20 adds major enhancements to a variety of product components.

Installation and Upgrade

Please refer to the Eloquence B.08.20 installation documents below for an overview of Eloquence installation and platform specific details, as well as information on updated License Keys.


Eloquence B.08.20 is upwards compatible with previous Eloquence versions. A database created with B.08.20 should not be used with previous Eloquence releases. However, it is supported to move databases to older releases when no new functionality is used.
Programs modified with the B.08.20 programming language will refuse to load with previous Eloquence releses if incompatible functionality is used that would cause older Eloquence releases to abort.


Eloquence B.08.20 includes or makes use of several third party and open source projects. Details can be found in the following document:

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