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FTS Indexes

  Eloquence B.08.20 adds the new FTS index subsystem to the database. It may be used to search database records by individual words or a combination of words (full text search) or to qualify database entries by specific properties. It allows for fast and flexible qualification of a large numbers of database entries.
FTS Introduction
Intoduction to the Eloquence FTS indexing

Using FTS indexing
How to make use of FTS searches in your application.

DBFIND syntax
This document explains the FTS DBFIND syntax.

dbutil syntax
The dbutil utility is used to configure FTS indexing.

FTS Parser
The FTS parser operates on text fields and splits it into separate words. This document explains in detail the working and configuration options of the FTS word parser.

eloqcore API
The DBFIND, DBGET and DBINFO statements in the Eloquence programming language were enhanced to support new modes for using the database FTS indexes.

image3k API
The TurboIMAGE compatibility library has been enhanced to support the Eloquence FTS functionality through additional TPI modes for the DBFIND, DGET, DBINFO and DBCONTROL calls.

FTS Compat
Eloquence provides backwards compatible calls as an option to access the Eloquence FTS functionality.

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