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Eloquence B.07.00 Release Notes

Eloquence QUERY3K Utility

  The Eloquence QUERY3K utility complements the Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility option by adding a QUERY/iX compatible replacement.

The eloquence QUERY3K utility provides a fully compatible replacement for the HP3000 Query/iX utility for the eloquence database. Based on the original source code QUERY3K ensures close compatiblity with existing Query scripts.
However, as eloquence QUERY3K does not run on top of MPE some minor changes may be required to adapt your existing QUERY scripts to the HP-UX environment.

The eloquence QUERY3K utility will be bundled with the eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility extension in the upcoming eloquence 7.10 release which is scheduled for Q1/2005.

For eloquence customers with an active Software Update Subscription agreement QUERY3K is now available for download on HP-UX at no cost.

For more information please refer to the QUERY3K release notes.

Note: The eloquence QUERY3K utility is currently only available on HP-UX (PA-RISC based systems). It is also known to work on Itanium based HP-UX systems using the builtin PA-RISC emulation. Porting QUERY3K to Windows and Linux is in progress, a release is expected to be available in Q1/2005.

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