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Eloquence B.07.00 Release Notes
MPE Client Library


What is the Eloquence Client Library for MPE/iX?

The Eloquence Client Library for MPE/iX is a port of the Eloquence image3k library to MPE (as a NMXL). It provides access to remote Eloquence databases from MPE.

User programs that reference the library and which utilize the standard set of Image intrinsics can access remote Eloquence databases as if they were local to the HP 3000. Certain HP-supplied system utilities, such as QUERY.PUB.SYS can also reference the client library and gain access to remote Eloquence databases.

Current Limitations

  • The Eloquence client is not compatible with any TPI product (Superdex/Omnidex). However you may use the TPI functions included with the Eloquence server.

  • As specified in the Eloquence documentation (Eloquence image3k documentation), the Eloquence database is close but not 100% compatible to TurboIMAGE. As a consequence, the TurboIMAGE utilities (such as DBUTIL) will not work with the Eloquence client XL.

  • Programs that access remote Eloquence databases via the client XL must make use of standard TurboIMAGE intrinsics. Privileged direct access to data set files (which is employed by some well known third party utilities) is not supported.

  • Accessing a database remotely is expected to be noticeably slower than acessing a local database.

How do I obtain the Eloquence client software?

Eloquence for MPE is available for download via the web, and is offered in three formats:

What gets installed?

The installation process asks where you would like to install the software. Assuming you select the default, which is the ELOQ account, then the following files are installed:
   IMAGE3K.PUB.ELOQ        (the NMXL Eloquence client library)
   README.PUB.ELOQ         (a "quick start" guide)

What do I do next?

Once you've successfully downloaded and installed the Eloquence for MPE client software on your HP 3000, please read the README file that was installed in the same group as the library (most likely in README.PUB.ELOQ). That file contains a quick start guide to get you up and running. For your convenience the README file is available online.

How do I get support?

Support is available through all the standard Eloquence support channels:

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