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Eloquence B.06.32 release notes


HP Eloquence is now Eloquence

Marxmeier Software AG is pleased to announce that it has acquired the HP Eloquence product from Hewlett-Packard. Please refer to the Eloquence transition document for more information.

The Eloquence B.06.32 release is intended as a replacement for the previous HP Eloquence A.06.31 release and removes all references to Hewlett-Packard. The B.06.32 release incorporates all bug fixes, provides updated support for current Linux distributions. New functionality is provided with the Eloquence B.07.00 release which is released in parallel.

Eloquence B.06.32 release

The following changes are implemented with the B.06.32 release:
  • New HP-UX and Linux start/shutdown scripts
    Eloquence B.06.32 on HP-UX and Linux includes improved startup/shutdown scripts which support maintaining multiple eloqdb6 instances. more ...

  • New Linux glibc2.2 and RedHat 8.0 build
    Eloquence B.06.32 includes the new Linux glibc2.2 and RedHat 8.0 builds. The glibc2.2 build is required for recent Linux distributions.

  • Linux libc5 build is no longer available
    Eloquence B.06.32 does no longer support historic Linux libc5 based distributions.

  • The TurboIMAGE compatibility option has been removed from the B.06.32 release. A substentially improved version is provided in version B.07.00 which is released in parallel to B.06.32.

  • The IE browser is now supported for on-line help in the IDE

  • Fixed problems and changes
  • Known problems and limitations

  • Previous changes in HP Eloquence A.06.xx versions

Installation notes:

When installing Eloquence please check the Eloquence web site for recent patches.

Eloquence support:

Please report any comments, suggestions or problems to the Eloquence Team (send an email message to feedback@marxmeier.com or use our Feedback Form on the Eloquence web site.)

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