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Eloquence A.06.20 Release Notes

  A.06.20 Release Notes
The following enhancements are implemented with the A.06.20 release:
  • Support for character mode programs on the Windows platform
    While dialog based programs are preferable, it may not be economic to convert existing or custom tailored software to dialogs. Support for character mode programs allows easier porting of existing Eloquence programs to the Windows platform.

  • QUERY and FORMs utilities ported to the Windows platform
    With character mode support for the Windows platform the Eloquence utilities are now available as well.

  • DLGSRV performance enhancements and fixes
    An enhanced version of the Eloquence GUI components for the Windows platform (Windows 16 and 32 bit). The DLGSRV(32) and RUNSRV(32) have been enhanced concerning performance and functionality.

  • Database performance enhancements
    The A.06.20 eloqdb6 database server uses an advanced disk access strategy which results in better performance. Depending on your disk speed the sync write mode should have improved substantially and should approach the previous async write performance. The async write performance has further improved.

  • dbstore/dbrestore utilities
    The A.06.20 database suports the dbstore and dbrestore funtionality which can be used to backup or restore a single database in a database environment.

  • Online backup
    The A.06.20 database supports on-line backup (while the database is in use).

  • Turbo Image compatibility
    The Eloquence A.06.20 database implements key functionality required to provide additional TuroboImage (the IMAGE database implementation on the HP3000) compatibility.
    Please note, that the Eloquence database is not Turboimage compatible by itself. The TurboImage extension API package is required for full TurboImage compatibility. For more information and order instructions please refer to the Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility extension document.

Detailed information:

Installation notes:

Please note: Usage of Eloquence A.06.20 for new installations is not recommended. Please update to version A.06.30 or above.
Installation of patches for Eloquence A.06.20 is mandantory. Please check the Eloquence web site for recent patches.

Eloquence support:

Please report any comments, suggestions or problems to the Eloquence Team (send an email message to feedback@marxmeier.com or use our Feedback Form on the Eloquence web site.)

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