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Eloquence A.06.10 Release Notes

  A.06.10 Release Notes
Eloquence A.06.00 was released in 1997. This A.06.10 release is a major update which incorporates important functional enhancements and bug fixes.

What's new:

  • Integrated Dialog editor. The Eloquence graphical development environment (Windows) has been enhanced with an integrated dialog editor.

  • FIND/SORT performance enhancements. The FIND/SORT statement with the Eloquence A.06.xx data base server (eloqdb6) has been optimized.

  • Eloquence can now be installed on HP-UX 11.0

  • Personal Edition. A Eloquence "Personal Edition" is available for free. It provides a free license for personal or evaluation usage. It is limited to two users and a maximum database size of 50MB.

  • The Eloquence media includes the Netscape Web browser.

Detailed information:

Please report any comments, suggestions or problems to the Eloquence Team (send an email message to feedback@marxmeier.com or use our Feedback Form on the Eloquence web site.)

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