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Eloquence A.06.10 Installation Notes

  A.06.10 Release Notes
This document provides updated information for installing Eloquence which are not covered in the Eloquence Installation and Configuration Manual.

This Eloquence release introduces the Eloquence "Personal Edition" which is available for free. It provides a free License for personal or evaluation usage and is limited to two users and a maximum database size of 50MB. The license key for the Eloquence "Personal Edition" is installed by default, if no license file exists on the system already (it is also included in the license file template file).

The temporary license key (which was previously installed if no license file existed) is now an installation option and must be selected explicitly during installation. This option installs a temporary license key which expires after four weeks. It can only be installed once.

A temporary (and permanent) license key can also be obtained from the Eloquence web site at the URL http://eloquence.marxmeier.com/support/request-license.html.

HP-UX Platform

In order to install a temporary license key, please select the appropriate option during installation.

  • HP-UX 10.x and HP-UX 11.0: In the Software Selection Window, activate the product options you would like to install. The following options are available:
    B1368B Install the base software
    B1368B-TLIC Install a 30 days temporary license key
    B1368B-ALL Install all file sets

    When opening the B1368B-ALL bundle, you can enable/disable individual product options.

  • HP-UX 11.0: When installing on HP-UX 11.0, error message like below may apperar during installation. However the installation does succeed.
           * Beginning the Configure Execution Phase.
    ERROR:   You have not specified any fileset selections.  You must
             specify a single fileset when performing file modifications.
    ERROR:   The swmodify command failed for B1368B,l=/,r=A.05.20,a=,v=.
             The configuration process will proceed.
    ERROR:   Rebuilding the Installed Products Database has failed.  You
             may need to retry this operation.
  • HP-UX 9.x: In the Software Selection Window activate the Eloquence partition(s) you would like to install. The following options are available:

    B1368B-A0600 Base product
    B1368B-A0600-T Install a 30 days temporary license key
    B1368B-MIG HP260 migration tools
    B1368B-PDF Documentation in PDF format
    B1368B-HTML Documentation in HTML format

Linux Platform

An option to install a temporary license key is currently not available for the Linux platform. If you need a temporary license key, you can either obtain it from the Eloquence web site (see above) or send an email notice to info@marxmeier.com.

Windows NT Platform

In order to install a temporary license, please select the temporary license option during the product installation. Please note, that this option is only available when you install the server components.

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