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Eloquence Support - B.08.30

  Eloquence version B.08.30 is currently in beta test stage. A production release is expected to be available in Q3/2018.

The Eloquence B.08.30 release extends on the B.08.20 release and delivers improved efficiency and scalability as well as updated technologies.

Noticeable changes include:

  • Database server performance and scalability improvements
  • Improved FTS scalability
  • IPv6 support
  • Support for compressed forward log files
  • Support for Unicode terminal environment
  • Thread safe database client libraries
  • Support for "Big Endian" applications on Intel environments
  • Systemd support on Linux
  • Fixed a number of issues with more than 2 billion records in a table
  • Enhanced eloqsd server to support encrypted network connections.

Please refer to the preliminary B.08.30 release notes document for a description of changes.

For installation, please refer to the platform specific installation notes:

The Eloquence B.08.30 beta version is available for download from the Eloquence web site.
For the Linux platform the new yum repository and deb repository make it easy to install and update Eloquence beta versions.

A beta version of the new JDLG 2.0 is now available. It is fully backwards compatible but was designed to take advantage of the new DLG protocol version introduced with B.08.30.

Utilities Reference
Eloquence utilities and configuration files documentation

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