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Eloquence B.08.30 Patches

  Eloquence version B.08.30-1810 was released in January 2019. Please refer to the B.08.30 release notes for more information.

Patches provide defect fixes and may also add improved functionality and performance.

Patches are specific to an Eloquence release and may only be installed for the matching release. Later update releases already include relevant patches. Installing on previous Eloquence versions is not supported.

B.08.30-1810 overview

Component Patch id Supersedes Comment
database server PE83-2010200 PE83-1910230,PE83-2001240  
dbrecover utility PE83-2010201 PE83-1909131  
dbrepl utility PE83-1911200    
database ftc library PE83-2006170    
eloqcore PE83-2102190 PE83-1910010,PE83-1912110  
eloqcore PE83-2106080 PE83-2102190 Windows
eloqsd server PE83-2006051 PE83-1911040 Windows
eqsignal utility PE83-2006052   Windows
WEBDLG PE83-2004300 PE83-2001270  
eqpcl utility PE83-2001210    
Eloquence IDE PE83-2102180   Windows
Header files PE83-1906120   HP-UX, Linux
Eloquence Net.DLL PE83-1909020   Windows

Patches are available for download from: B.08.30-1810 patch download.

Patches in beta test stage for the Eloquence B.08.30-1810 release are available at the following location: eloquence.marxmeier.com/download/B0830/patch/patch-1810/beta

The B.08.30 patch archive documents all released patches.

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