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eloqcore utility

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  eloqcore is used to execute Eloquence language programs.


usage: eloqcore [options] [program]
 -help           = Show usage (this list)
 -r[ecord] file  = record user action
 -p[lay] file    = playback recorded user action
 -b[ackground]   = force background processing
 -t[race][level] = trace execution on stderr
              0  = trace lines (default)
              1  = trace explicit assignments
              2  = trace all assignments
 -taskid taskid  = set taskid
 -sfa            = activate SFA processing
 -nb|-q[uiet]    = suppress banner
 -dlg server     = connect to dlg server
If no program name is specified, the Eloquence language runtime starts interactively in a text based environment. Specifying a program name will execute the program and then exit the language runtime.

The options are:

The -help option displays a brief help text.

-r[ecord] file name
Records every keyboard action performed by the user, and stores it in the specified file.

-p[lay] file name
Plays back the keyboard action in the specified file, previously recorded using -r file name.

Suppresses terminal output from a program. It is useful when running a program in background.

-t[race] [level]
Causes a trace to be performed on the specified program. If no program name is specified, a trace is performed on any program run in the Eloquence environment. Levels available are
  • 0 (default) = trace lines,
  • 1 = trace explicit assignments,
  • 2 = trace all assignments.

-taskid #
Causes eloqcore to use the specified task id.

Enables SFA mode (profiling). If enabled, utilization information is collected and saved during runtime which may be analyzed with the sfarpt utility.

Suppress banner message.

-log logfile
Redirect stderr to the specified file.

-dlg server
Connect to the specified dlg server.

Enable NLN mode.

-d[ebug] flags
The -d option specifies debug flags and is normally not used.


Either eloq or eloqcore may be used to start the language runtime. eloq is an interface to eloqcore adding task support.



See also

eloq utility, eloq.config config file
environment variables ELOQRC, EQ_ELOQRC, EQPATH.
Eloquence language manual

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