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dbftswords utility

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  The dbftswords utility may be used to list FTS keywords for a specific FTS field. Typical use includes verifying whether the FTS keywords match expectations or to create a keyword exclusion list.


usage: dbftswords [options] database set field [filter [limit]]
 -help   - show usage (this list)
 -u user - set user name
 -p pswd - set password
 -d flgs - debug flags
 -1      - list keyword only

Where database specifies the database, set specifies a data set and field specifies the FTS field.

A search expression, partial word or range may be specified as filter to only list matching keywords. If not present, all keywords will be listed.

A limit may be specified to reduce the output to keywords with at least that many occurrences.

The options are:

The -help option displays a brief help text.

-u user
The -u option specifies the database user (or a file holding the database user and/or password). Defaults to the public user unless a default user is specified with the EQ_DBUSER environment variable.

-p password
The -p option may be used to specify the password for the database user (or a file holding the password). If not specified, the password is obtained using the EQ_DBUSER and/or EQ_DBPASSWORD environment variables.

-d flags
The -d option specifies debug flags and is normally not used.

The -1 option selects single-column output to list only keywords (no counts).


By default, the keyword along with the number of references is output:
$ dbftswords sample customers name KEL@
# 1 keyword qualified (3 references)
The option -1 (one) may be used to omit the reference count so the output may be used as an exclusion list (in dbutil):
$ dbftswords -1 sample customers name KUNST@ 5

See also

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