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prdbutil utility

  The prdbutil utility may be used to obtain the database configuration.

prdbutil outputs dbutil syntax and the output may subsequently be applied with dbutil to restore a database configuration.

usage: prdbutil [options] [database]

 -help      - show usage (this list)
 -u name    - user name (default "public")
 -p pswd    - password
 -h host    - host name or ip address (and service)
 -s service - service name or port number
 -l section - list of sections
              schema, group, priv, access, enc, index, fts
              dbproperty, member, user, image3k
The -h option may be used to specify the database server instance (host and service). The EQ_DBSERVER environment variable may be used as an alternative.

The option -l may be used to specify a comma separated list of information categories. When the database name is not specified only the user list is available.

For example:

prdbutil -l user -h server
prdbutil -l image3k,index,fts toydb
prdbutil toydb
Please note that any user passwords cannot be obtained as they are not stored in the database server.

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