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dbrepack utility

  The dbrepack utility allows to repack a database to reclaim disk space occupied by deleted records. Without repacking, deleted records are re-used but the disk space is not freed for use by other data sets or databases.
dbrepack [options] database [set ...]

 -help   - show usage (this list)
 -u user - set user name
 -p pswd - set password
 -c cfg  - server configuration file
 -b size - Buffer cache size (MB)
 -v      - verbose output
 -w      - enable write mode
 -m mb   - max. amount of memory to postpone FTS data processing
 -P pct  - skip set unless at least pct% of disk space reclaimable
 -S mb   - skip set unless at least mb MB disk space reclaimable
 -M      - use master key
By default dbrepack runs in read-only mode and analyzes the specified database. The option -v enables additional progress messages.

dbrepack accesses the database volume files directly. The database server process may not be active (or in online-backup mode when dbrepack is used in read-only mode).

The -c option is used to specify the eloqdb.cfg file for the server instance. It defaults to the eloqdb.cfg file in the Eloquence config directory.

The -m option is used to specify the size of a scratch memory pool that is used to collect moved record numbers that have keyword indexes. This is subsequently used to update the FTS index. As this may cause some I/O (but noticeably less than re-building the FTS index) it is done in batches.
The default value is zero. It indicates to use the value configured in the server config [config] RestructMemLimit value (defaults to 100 MB). Otherwise, it specifies the size of the memory pool size in MB and must be between 1 and 2047.

The -M option indicates to request the master key to support encrypted databases. When the -M command line option is present, the EQ_MKEYID and EQ_MKEYFILE environment variables are used to obtain the master key(s) to access encrypted data (requires interactive entry of the keyphrase).

The example below shows running dbrepack to analyze a database.

$ dbrepack -c eloqdb.cfg -v toydb2
Running in Read-Only mode
PRODUCTS        : 2.4 MB reclaimable (96.8%), 1 records repackable (9.1%)
CUSTOMERS       : no space reclaimable
ORDER-MASTER    : 0.1 MB reclaimable (45.0%), no records repackable
INVOICES        : no space reclaimable
ORDERS          : 8.4 MB reclaimable (17.2%), 4934 records repackable (12.5%)
ORDER-DETAILS   : no space reclaimable
Total           : 10.9 MB reclaimable (21.1%)
The reclaimable disk space indicates the disk space that could be reclaimed by repacking a data set. The number of repackable records depends on the number of gaps found in the data set.

dbrepack in write mode changes the database volume files and will likely leave the database in a corrupted state on failure. Please make sure you have a current backup.

Running dbrepack in write mode will invalidate replication and forward recovery.

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