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Eloquence Documentation

  The reference documentation for the Eloquence B.08.10 release. A link to the most recent document is provided if no B.08.10 specific documentation is available.
Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility (link to B.07.10)
The Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility extension is an optional Eloquence component which provides a HP e3000 TurboIMAGE compatible programming interface ("intrinsics") for the Eloquence database.

Eloquence QUERY3K Utility (link to B.08.00)
The Eloquence QUERY3K utility provides a QUERY/iX compatible replacement for use with the Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility option.

TurboIMAGE database migration (link to B.08.00)
This document explains the options to move a TurboIMAGE database to Eloquence.

Database backup (link to B.08.00)
The eloquence database provides different backup options that are explained in this document.

Database forward-logging (link to B.08.00)
The forward-logging functionality provides additional protection against system failure and speeds up recovery in case of a fatal problem.

Database auditing
Eloquence supports auditing database changes. Committed transactions may be logged and associated with application processes and batch jobs.

Eloquence DBUTIL
The Eloquence DBUTIL program is used to manage database security as well as to modify an existing database structure.

The dbctl utility
This document explains the usage of the Eloquence dbctl utility.

Eloquence WEBDLG (link to B.07.10)
Eloquence WEBDLG is an Eloquence component which enables dialog based Eloquence programs to use a web browser as a user interface.

Eloquence CGI (link to B.07.10)
Eloquence CGI is an Eloquence component which enables using Eloquence based programs with the CGI interface of a web server.

Eloquence Odbc.DLL (link to B.07.10)
The Eloquence Odbc.DLL enables Eloquence programs to use ODBC to interface with external database systems.

Eloquence Net.DLL (link to B.08.00)
The Eloquence Net.DLL enables Eloquence programs to to interface with networked servers or devices.

The database http status
The database server may be configured to respond to http requests for displaying server status information. This feature allows using a web browser for monitoring the database server status.

Database Server statistics (link to B.08.00)
This document describes the Eloquence Database Server statistics.

Database replication (link to B.08.00)
This document describes the Eloquence replication functions.

The fwutil library (link to B.08.00)
This document describes the Eloquence fwutil library. The fwutil library enables programmatic access to the Eloquence database forward log file that holds the archived committed transactions.

The dbcfix utility
The Eloquence dbcfix utility may used to verify and optionally fix the chain consistency in an Eloquence database.

Eloquence MPE/iX Client Library (link to B.07.10)
An updated version of the Eloquence MPE/iX Client Library that allows accessing both IMAGE and Eloquence databases. Based on the B.07.10 source code, it also provides enhanced performance by employing client side caching.

Enhanced Item Level Security
The item level security functionality allows restricting access on selected items at the database and/or dataset level, depending on the access privileges of a database account. This allows to enhance the security of existing applications with no or minimal code changes.

Database Encryption
The Eloquence database encryption feature allows to designate fields with sensitive contents for encrypted storage. It helps protecting database volume files, forward logs, as well as dbstore output files against unauthorized access to sensitive data.

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