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B.08.00 / Release Notes

Eloquence B.08.00 Release Notes

  The Eloquence B.08.00 release introduces both architectural and functional changes.

Architectural changes include:

  • The database server was enhanced to further improve scalability.
    • An improved threading implementation allows to make use of available CPU resources on multi-processor systems.
    • Improved scalability on large memory configurations
  • The database server is available as 32-bit and 64-bit versions (where appropriate).
  • Eloquence B.08.00 is installed in a different location. It may be installed concurrently with previous Eloquence releases on HP-UX and Linux.

Functional changes include:

  • The database server was enhanced to support replication.
  • The database server was enhanced to support case insensitive indexes.
  • incremental / point-in-time database recovery
  • Enhanced memory limits in the Eloquence language
  • New JDLG 1.4 release
Substantial parts of the functional enhancements were also backported to B.07.10 and are available as patches to ease the transition to B.08.00.

In addition, Eloquence B.08.00 introduces support for the following platforms:

  • Linux on IA64
  • Linux on AMD64/EM64T
  • Windows on AMD/EM64T

Use of Eloquence B.08.00 is subject to the Marxmeier Software AG Software License. Downloading, installing or using the software implies agreeing to the license terms and conditions.

Enhancements and user visible changes

Please refer to the New Features and Enhancements document for an overview of Eloquence B.08.00 enhancements in areas such as database server, database client libraries, and database utilities, as well as the Eloquence programming language.


Please refer to the Eloquence B.08.00 installation document for an overview of Eloquence installation and platform specific notes, which links to details on HP-UX installation, HP-UX kernel parameters, Linux installation, Windows installation, as well as updated License Keys.

The B.08.00 Eloquence configuration changes document provides detailed information on configuration changes from previous Eloquence releases.

B.07.10 Compatibility

Eloquence B.08.00 is upwards compatible with previous Eloquence versions and binary compatible with recent B.07.10 patch levels. For more information, please refer to the B.07.10 Compatibility document.

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