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Eloquence WEBDLG

  Welcome to Eloquence WEBDLG, an Eloquence component which enables dialog based Eloquence programs to use a web browser as a user interface.

The documents provided here are intended to give you an easy starting point into the WEBDLG technology. In the current implementation the functionality has been enhanced beyond pure ASCII DLG compatibility. Some of the new objects and attributes introduced with JDLG (Java DLG) are now implemented.

Functional Overview
This document explains how WEBDLG works.

Getting started with Eloquence WEBDLG
This document describes how the WEBDLG software is to be installed and provides a step-by-step configuration example.

How compatible is Eloquence WEBDLG?
This document discusses the compatibility aspects of WEBDLG in its current implementation. It provides a list of known problems as well.

Object classes and attribute reference
This document contains a reference of all object classes and attributes implemented with WEBDLG.

Configuring the Eloquence Apache Module
This document covers the various configuration directives of the mod_eloq Apache module.

Configuring the Eloquence WEB Daemon
This document describes the configuration of the eloqwebd.

This document covers enhanced functionality and fixed problems which have been included since the initial WEBDLG release.

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