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Eloquence B.07.00 Release Notes


QUERY changes

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The Eloquence QUERY application was changed to support the new item types and database limits. In addition, some general fixes and minor improvements were applied to QUERY.

  • QUERY can be started from the command line with the query command (/opt/eloquence6/bin/query) on Linux and HP-UX. On Windows, QUERY is added to the start menu.

  • Changed max. buffer size to 5120 (from 4096) bytes.

  • Changed max. number of items to 2048 (from 1024)

  • QUERY no longer uses the TASKID for scratch files. QUERY now uses the process id to ensure that files have a unique file name.

  • Support Item/Set names up to 16 characters. The schema processor allows to use 16 character data set and item names when used in the TurboIMAGE compatibility mode.

  • QUERY allows for additional special characters in the data set and items names (such as '#) as long as there is no conflict with the QUERY syntax. The schema processor allows to use additional characters in item and data set names when used in the TurboIMAGE compatibility mode.

  • QUERY now supports all item types.

  • Support QUERY commands to be entered in lower case. Previous QUERY versions only accepted commands in upper case.

  • Improved precision from 12 to 14 digits. Previous QUERY versions limited the precision to 12 characters for data entry.

  • Retain leding spaces when entering string data. Previous QUERY versions removed all spaces from entered data. QUERY will now retain any leading spaces.

  • Remove Capacity: display from database info. Eloquence no longer has the concept of a fixed data set capacity so the displayed information was not meaningful.

  • Support the Eloquence database security model (DBLOGON). QUERY has been enhanced to support a user name and password and uses DBLOGON to logon to the database server. The EQ_DBUSER and EQ_DBPASSWORD environment variables are supported.

  • Up to 78 chanracters can be used for the name of the QUERY workfile.

The QUERY version as of B.07.00 has the following known limitations:

  • When searching for items of type U any values must be specified in upper case.
  • Searching for items of type B, may not find the requested information.
  • Searching for numeric data with more than 12 significant digits in the mantissa does not work. QUERY will search for a numeric value rounded to 12 digits.

Note: QUERY uses undocumented extensions of the Eloquence Language to handle the new item types. These changes include a DBINFO mode -101 which might return a different item type and size and a changed PACK USING statement. These extensions may change in the next release and it is not recommended to use them in applications.

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