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Eloquence B.06.32 Patches

  Eloquence B.06.32 has been released in February 2003. Please refer to the release notes for more information.


  • 2003-05-15 - New patch PE63-0305150 (shutdown functions, HP-UX, Linux)

The following patches against B.06.32 are available:

Patch PE63-0305150
This patch fixes a defect of the Eloquence startup/shutdown functions as released with Eloquence B.06.32.

Severity: BUG FIX

Summary of fixed problems:

  • The timeout to shut down the server processes was too small (#1949).

Please refer to the PE63-0305150 patch description for more information.

HP-UX PE63-0305150-hpux.tar.gz 3 kB
Linux PE63-0305150-linux.tar.gz 3 kB

The Patches are available for download by ftp from the /eloq/B0632/patch/ directory.

Patches currently in beta test are available for download by ftp at /eloq/B0632/patch/beta/. As the name suggests, these fixes are believed to be correct (and were tested) but are currently not released. However it may just fix your problem. Feedbacks are appreciated (feedback@marxmeier.com).

Please refer to the HP-UX patches document for a list of recommended HP-UX patches.

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