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Eloquence known problems and fixes
Windows platform

  This page documents known problems with Eloquence on the Windows platform which are either not related to code defects or low priority because an easy workaround is available.

Please note: This page is provided in the intention to be helpful to our customers. However the information is provided "AS IS" without any warranty.

Windows Platform

  • ERR 1653 is returned on DLG statements when no previous DLG SET ".driver",... is active. (#604)

  • When the Command Window is configured to "Full Screen" instead if "Window" mode (in Settings->Control Panel->Command) this will cause a full screen command window to appear whenever eloqcore is started.
    This seems to be a problem in Windows, which works differently than specified. As a workaround you should not set the Command Window to "Full Screen" mode. (#585)

  • Example programs are not adapted to the Windows platform.

  • Handling of constant values in the graphical devlopment environment. It has been reported that a constant value could change its representation from normal (181295) to exponentioal notation (1.81295E5) when the cursor touches the line. (#461)

  • Some trace output could be lost when executing eloqcore locally. This is caused by Windows NT which simply discards any networking data when the eloqcore process ends and the IDE did not yet receive all trace information.

  • Output of system commands is lost, when the command contains a pipe.
    This does at least happen with the mks shell. This seems to be a problem with the Microsoft C runtime (mscvrt.dll).
    For example: COMMAND "!ls -l|grep Feb"

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