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Ordering Eloquence

  Eloquence may be ordered from Marxmeier Software AG or Eloquence partners.

An Eloquence license is required for each server system. Two licensing models are available:

  • The product option AH0 provides an unlimited user license for a single system.
  • The product option 000 provides a two user entry license for a single system. Additional user licenses may be added (at any time) as required. For example, for a 26 user license the options 000, 016 and 008 must be ordered.
To use the Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility extension the corresponding 3k options must be ordered.

The software is available for download. A CD-ROM media is available on request (for an extra fee).

Eloquence Product Pricing

Valid as of June 1, 2011.
Option Description List Price (EUR) List Price ($US)
User Based License Options
000 Entry License (1 System, 2 users) 525 761
001 Add-on License (1 user) 185 268
004 Add-on License (4 users) 610 885
008 Add-on License (8 users) 1.110 1,610
016 Add-on License (16 users) 1.995 2,893
032 Add-on License (32 users) 3.560 5,162
064 Add-on License (64 users) 6.350 9,208
Unlimited User License
AH0 Full License (1 System, unlimited # of users) 8.800 12,760
TurboIMAGE Compatibility Extension
000-3k Eloquence Entry License
(1 System, 2 users)
158 229
001-3k Add-on License (1 user) 56 81
004-3k Add-on License (4 users) 183 265
008-3k Add-on License (8 users) 333 483
016-3k Add-on License (16 users) 599 869
032-3k Add-on License (32 users) 1.068 1,549
064-3k Add-on License (64 users) 1.905 2,762
AH0-3k Eloquence Full License
(1 System, Unlimited # of users)
2.640 3,828
Additional Options
REPL Database replication option (per slave system, in addition to regular license) 2.630 3,814
ENC Database encryption option (per system) 4.000 5,800
FTS Advanced FTS option (per system) Price is 20% of base license cost
FTC FTS backwards compatibility (includes advanced FTS option, per system). 7.500 10,875
Upgrade and License Transfer Options
UPD Eloquence Upgrade (upgrade from any previous version to current version).
The upgrade option can be ordered up to four years from the purchase date of the original software.
Price is 50% of current owned licenses.
TRAN Transfer of an Eloquence license to another system. 120 174
Support Options
BLS Eloquence Base Line Support (includes software updates) Price is 20% of current owned licenses per year.
SUS Software Update Subscription Price is 10% of current owned licenses per year.

* Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
* List prices do not include shipping costs, taxes (including VAT) or customs fees.
* If you are a resident of the European Community, we are required to charge VAT unless you provide your European VAT-ID number. The VAT rate is 19% as of January 1, 2021.
* To use the Eloquence TurboIMAGE compatibility extension, the number of user licenses must correspond to the Eloquence user license.
* The database replication option must be ordered for each slave server system. A regular Eloquence license (base license and any additional user licenses) is a prerequisite for each master or slave system.
* The FTC and FTS options are available with Eloquence B.08.20.
* The upgrade option can be ordered up to four years from the purchase date of the original software. After this period of time, a new license at the full price must be purchased.
* License transfer is free for customers with a maintenance contract or when the Upgrade option was bought. This includes a transfer to another platform.
For customers without an active maintenance agreement purchase of the Transfer option is required. Please request a quotation to transfer a license to a different platform.
* You can find the previous price list (valid until May 31, 2011) here.

Further information about ordering and payment: here

Please contact our sales department for any questions about ordering Eloquence. Our office hours are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm CET.

Phone: +49 202 - 243 14-0
Fax: +49 202 - 243 14-20
E-Mail: sales@marxmeier.com

CET = Central European Timezone, +1 hours from UTC/GMT

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