Eloquence Sort Manual

Table of Contents

Legal Notices
Printing History
Table of Contents
1 - Introduction
Overview of chapters
What is SORT ?
Specifying database Structure
The Workfile
Putting Data into Sorted Order
Selecting Data
Specifying Complex database Structures
2 - Sort Statements and Functions
The WORKFILE IS # Statement
The SORT BY Statement
The FIND Statement
The QFIND statement
Regular Expressions
The WFLEN Function
The READ # and PRINT # Statements
Other Statements and Functions
SORT Order of Execution
3 - Program Examples
Order List Programs
Order List Report
Example Program 1: A Two-set Thread
Example Program 2: Using Only One Set Instead of Two
Itemized Order List Programs
Itemized Options List Report (sorted order)
Example Program 3: A Four-set Thread
Example Program 4: Using Only One Set Instead of Four
Itemized Options List Report (unsorted order)
Example 5: Listing Options in Unsorted Order
4 - Programming Considerations
Software Optimization
General Rules
Rules When REC = 0
Rules When
A - Schema Listing for the SAD Data Base
B - Appendix B SORT Error Codes

Eloquence Sort Manual - 19 DEC 2002