Eloquence Sort Manual

B Appendix B SORT Error Codes

No DBASE IS statement active or bad data base specifier. Attempt to execute an IN DATA SET or WORKFILE IS # without previously executing a DBASE IS or the data base that the DBASE IS was executed for has been closed. Or bad data base specified in DBASE IS.
Specified data set not found. An improper set name or number was specified.
Improper nesting of SORT statements. An attempt was made to execute a SORT BY, QFIND, FIND, IN DATA SET, DBASE IS, etc. while nested inside one of these statements. This can only happen if an expression uses a multi-line function subprogram.
Cannot reactivate workfile, or file is not a workfile. An attempt is made to reactivate a workfile by using the WORKFILE IS # statement with no thread list, but the specified file is not a workfile.
No read access to specified data set. One of the data sets in the thread is not accessible with the current password.
Missing or improper data set linkage. For WORKFILE #, two adjacent sets in the thread list have no path between them, or the chain id specified does not refer to an existing chain.
No WORKFILE IS# statement active. Attempt to execute a SORT BY or FIND when no workfile has been declared or the workfile was closed (either by de-assigning it or by DBCLOSE).
Improper data/index item or data/index item not found. The item specified in the LINK parameter of WORKFILE IS # does not refer to an item for the specified set or the given item in the SORT BY list is not linked via IN DATA SET to an item in one of the sets in the thread. Improper or non-existent data/index specified in QFIND statement.
Improper synthetic linkage. The item in the LINK parameter of WORKFILE IS # either does not match the type of the search item in the master set following the LINK or it is not the first sub-item. Also, LINK is applied to a master set, or the set following the LINK is not of type master.
Insufficient space in workfile. Write error on workfile.
Improper operation attempt on workfile. Attempt to position the word pointer of a workfile to someplace other than word 1. Also, attempt to print an array on a workfile.
Improper READ # or PRINT # on workfile. A complete logical record was not read or written. The word pointer is reset to word 1.
Workfile contains invalid information. Attempt to access the workfile via SORT BY, QFIND, FIND, READ # or PRINT # after its contents have been destroyed by a disk error or CTRL Y stopping a FIND, QFIND or SORT.
Unexpected error accessing data base
Improper QFIND relation
Improper value type or improper number of value parameter
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