1 Installing Eloquence

The Eloquence web site

Eloquence is present on the Internet and has its own web site. If you are connected to the Internet, please point your browser at the URL


The Eloquence web site provides complete information on Eloquence ranging from marketing information, documentation, upcoming events to patches and support notes.

The Eloquence mailing List

The Eloquence mailing list was formed to support Eloquence programmers and users in their daily work. It is intended as an enhancement to the Eloquence support channel. Eloquence support is responsible for helping you in case of trouble and to solve your immediate problem. This mailing is intended to share knowledge and ideas with other Eloquence users.

So if you have a question like "How could i ..." or "Why doesn't this work ..." this list is the place to ask. Other welcome topics include the dicussion about Eloquence features and how you would like Eloquence to evolve in the future.

Please refer to the URL


for more information.

Eloquence Installation and Configuration - 29 OCT 2004